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Cessna 206 now online!

We now have a C206 VH-LZN as part of our fleet. If you are interested in gaining some experience on this aircraft, check out our 'Cessna 206 Familiarization Package'.

Cessna 206 now online!

Help secure your first flying role with experience in the 'workhorse' of outback Australia. Stand out from your competition by being job-ready in the C206.

There is a minimum requirement of 5hrs of C206 time to private hire this aircraft. If you do not have any time on a C206, why not check out our package?

The 'Cessna 206 Familiarization Package' includes:

  • 5.0 Hours of dual flight in a C206
  • 2.5 hours of flight briefing time
Course cost: $2,650

Private hire cost per hour : $399 ($449 non members)