Sydney Flying Club fosters a strong emphasis on safety and believes the more informed members are, the less likely an incident will occur. We have compiled the following Safety resources to aid in developing and understanding, and to make safety reporting easier.

 How to Submit an Incident/Accident or Hazard report to SFC.

Safety Columns

Safety columns are written for the education of all SFC pilots, and form a valuable part of safety communication as explained in the SFC Safety Management System Manual. The subject matter is chosen as a direct result of safety reporting from you, our members and staff. Safety manager safety columns are also published in our club newsletter, the 'Sydney Flyer'.

Safety Notices issued by SFC

Safety Policy - A statement from the CEO

As the Accountable Executive, I carry the ultimate responsibility for Safety in Schofields Flying Club Limited (SFC). 

The Senior Management of SFC and I are committed to deliver Pilot Training and other aviation services to our members and customers, with the highest safety standards.

Safety is our core and ever - present value at SFC. We will comply with all our legal obligations to ensure duty of care is maintained.

We are committed to a Culture of Safety to achieve an excellent safety standard, which will prevent injury and illness to our workers and stakeholders.

To sustain this, I have provided resources to organise and maintain an active Safety Management System (SMS).

To provide Safety and Security to all our Workers, Members & Customers, we rely heavily on our SMS and we have also set our safety performance targets and objectives, in order to achieve this.

I pledge that no SFC worker will be asked to compromise the aviation safety standards to “get the job done”.

SFC employs Just Culture: an organisational perspective that discourages blaming the individual for an honest mistake that has contributed to an incident or accident. It in no way excuses gross negligence, willful violations, malicious acts, or reckless behavior.

In keeping with Just Culture, we promote and encourage all our workers, members and customers to report all occurrences such as errors, violations, incidents, hazards, risks or concerns that could compromise the safe conduct of the aviation services we provide to our members and customers.

All our findings through SMS and risk mitigation actions will be documented and all workers and members will be kept informed through the SFC intranet.

All SFC workers and members are required to maintain safety, security legal, and compliance standards established by the company, industry groups, and regulatory authorities.

Each worker, member and customer is responsible to enforce SMS as a primary responsibility and must ensure that this Safety Policy is understood, implemented and maintained in all operations conducted at SFC.

We at SFC will strive for continuous improvement of Aviation Safety.

Chief Executive Officer

Schofields Flying Club Limited

More information

For more information on our Safety Management System, or if you would like to report a hazard, the following contacts should be used:

Barry Ellis - Safety Manager: or Chris Koort - Head of Operations:

For broader information on safety at Bankstown Aerodrome, and to report hazards on the airport, please refer to the safety and security pages of the Sydney Metro Airports website