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Private Pilot Licence


Course Overview

This course is designed to qualify you for

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • You can fly to any destination in Australia
  • You must hold a Recreational Pilot Licence prior to commencement
  • Training syllabus is made up of cross-country navigation exercises to various destinations
  • Each training exercise is about three hours in length
  • Two navigation exercises are conducted pilot-in-command
  • During training you will enjoy escaping the 25 nautical mile limit of your Recreational Pilot Licence

Practical Flight Training

Conducted at Sydney Flight College Bankstown Airport NSW Australia (RTO ID 90866)

  • Aeroplane - 30.0 hours including 5.5 hours pilot-in-command (Traditional Cockpit and Glass Cockpit)
  • Flight Briefing - 8 hours
  • Classroom and aeroplane based face to face

Aeronautical Knowledge Training

It is expected that the student self-studies the theory components required for the CASA PPL examination

Total Course Hours

  • Practical Flight Training - 30.0 hours
  • Flight Briefing - 8 hours
  • Total Practical Flight Training and Aeronautical Knowledge Training - 38.0 hours
  • Self-study for PPL examination - 70 hours (approx.)


  • The Private Pilot Licence is a non AQF accredited course therefore a Testumar will not be issued

Statement of Attainment

  • The Private Pilot Licence is a non AQF accredited course therefore a Statement of Attainment will not be issued however the trainee will complete Units of Competency from the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 Part 61 Manual of Standards
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Upon successful completion of this course the trainee will be awarded the following CASA Licence(s)

  • Private Pilot Licence


Upon successful completion of this course the trainee will be awarded the following CASA Rating(s)

  • Single-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating (if not already held)


Upon successful completion of this course the trainee will be awarded the following CASA Endorsement(s)

  • There are no endorsements associated with this course

Non-integrated Timetable

  • Study and fly at your own pace

Next Course Intake

  • You can start this course at any time

Positions Available

  • Yes

Recognition of Previous Experience

  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competencies is not available for this course

Course Cost

  • $12,495 total
  • 14 sessions
  • Pay $892.50 per session
  • Free extra simulator session for full payment in advance
  • All prices include GST

Entry Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate evidence of the following

  • Recreational Pilot Licence
  • Aviation Reference Number
  • Aviation Security Identity Card
  • Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate

What is included

  • Practical flight training (dual and solo, aeroplane and simulator), fuel, pre- and post-flight briefings, course notes and briefing notes
  • Practical flight training is conducted in four seat single-engine aeroplanes at Sydney Flight College
  • Landing fees
  • Simulator practical flight training is conducted in a full motion synthetic training device

What is not Included

  • CASA Practical Flight Standards testing fee
  • Assessment Services Limited (ASL) aeronautical knowledge training testing fees
  • CASA documentation such as maps, charts and reference materials
  • Ground theory, or ground theory study materials
  • CASA Licence Fee

Before Enrolling

  • Obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • Obtain a Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate
  • Obtain an Aviation Security Identity Card (ASIC)


  • If training is not completed within twelve months, remaining sessions are charged at the session rate current at that time
  • You can discontinue at any time without penalty (but if paid in advance the discount benefit will be forfeited)
  • Practical flight training hours quoted are realistic minimum requirements achievable for the average trainee pilot
  • If the trainee is not yet competant at the completion of this course additional training will be required at the trainee's expense
  • Course Rate Aviation gasoline (AVGAS) has been quoted at the average NSW bowser price
  • Should the price of AVGAS exceed the Bankstown boswer rate of AUD$2.25 per litre including GST (the Course Rate), the trainee agrees to be invoiced for the difference between the New Bowser Rate and the Course Rate.
  • This course is non-accredited training

Price $12,495
Price Per Session $892.50

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