Announcing the SFC Air Safari 2021 – Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays

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Wednesday 21st April to Tuesday 27th April 2021

The much-loved SFC Air Safari is back, and with the borders open we are going to Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays!

Whether you look at the safari as a command hour-building trip, or an opportunity to fly up to Hamilton Island for pure pleasure, SFC will be able to help tailor the trip to meet your time requirements and budget.

Keen to see what your landing at YBHM would be like? Check out this awesome video from the cockpit:

Pilots can choose to fly themselves up to Hamilton Island and have partners, friends and family meet them there for a holiday on a Jetstar or Virgin flight. 

For those on tighter budgets and wanting command experience, the plan is to offer a team event. For example, we put together 2x teams of 3x pilots each. Team one flies in an Archer/Warrior from Bankstown to Coffs Harbour – Sunshine Coast – Rockhampton – Hamilton Island, then returns on airline flights. Team two arrives by airline and then flies back the Archer/Warrior on a similar route (exact flight plan will be determined by weather). Approx. 9-10 hrs flying each way in an Archer/Warrior, for a total cost of ~$2,376/$2990. Divide between 3 pilots ~$1,000 each plus the airline airfare.

Pilots who want to use the trip as part of their training with an instructor, or would just like a safety pilot, are also very welcome to enquire. Individuals can also create their own itinerary and timetable (faster planes could make it over a long weekend) or have the Club Captain assist in all aspects of planning. 

We plan to hold numerous social events throughout the trip, and these would include the AirBP runway dinner at Whitsunday Airport on Saturday 23rd April and/or an SFC dinner on Hamilton Island on Sunday 24th April. Given the huge choice of accommodation on Hamilton Island we will leave to pilots and passengers to book their own lodging.

Keen? Register your interest at the link below:

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