Close call: A brush with Camden’s airspace

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In this Sydney Flyer piece we have a Close Call from club member Andrew Grischenko who has kindly shared his experience with us.

I violated controlled airspace!

A learning experience from Andrew Grischenko
From the official report:
Summary: NRL Entered Camden CTR Without ATC Clearance
Detailed Description: RWY24 VMC moderate traffic levels, multiple aircraft in circuit area.
An aircraft was identified on TSAD at 1500FT approaching the CTR boundary around Cobbitty Bridge from the NW and descending. The aircraft was tracking SE on descent to 800FT and then climbed back out to the N. The aircraft appeared to be conducting a practice forced landing procedure. Through binoculars it was observed to be a P28A type aircraft and the callsign was identified by ADSB as NRL. Attempts to contact the aircraft were unanswered. Traffic was passed to an aircraft departing crosswind RWY24. Coord was done with Sydney Radar and NRL was identified by them.
So, what happened?
I was flying in the local training area, practicing various manoeuvres like steep turns and practiced forced landing (PFL). While that was fine, my mistake was that I underestimated how close I got the Camden controlled (Class D) airspace during the manoeuvre. Also, I was not listening the Camden tower frequency while in the vicinity of the airport. Complete screw up on my side, but good learning! Below is the ADS-B track and the diagram below showing the spot.

There are no serious consequences for that incident – no fine or “demerit points”, but a record on file. Most importantly, the lesson learned – navigate and monitor frequency of airspaces in the vicinity.
Safe flying!

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