Club Captain Report – Lake Macquarie Flyaway

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Matt Hall, Red Bull Race World Champion, former RAAF fighter pilot and SFC ambassador opened his runway on Sunday to host the OzRunways 10 year anniversary event. Normally closed to GA traffic Lake Macquarie airport is a small and narrow strip surrounded by bushland but is also incredibly picturesque.

When Matt sent us the invitation, the SFC air force replied with six aircraft departing Bankstown and one from Mudgee early on Sunday morning. We had beautiful flying conditions to fly up the lane north to PAA then onto Lake Macquarie. Whilst extensive briefings had been conducted to plan for a crowded CTAF on a small runway all aircraft landed in a very orderly manner. A few had to orbit over Catherine Hill Bay to wait for the parachutists to land as they were dropping all day onto the runway.

The newly minted CPL Lorenzo made this short field landing into YLMQ

There was a great variety of aircraft flying into Lake Macquarie from; Warriors, Cessnas, Cirrus, Bonanzas, Comanche, through to gyrocopters and ultralights plus a few war birds. Lake Macquarie was a great airport to practice short field and cross wind technique and we even had a solo student attend as part of his NAV training.

Whilst Matt Hall and his team conducted joy flights in their aerobatic aircraft, OzRunways ran lectures in the hangar and the BBQ was going strong providing lunch.

The highlight was an aerobatic display by Matt Hall after lunch and then a heartfelt presentation on his life. A key theme around the importance of pursuing your dreams and passions!

At the conclusion of the presentations there was almost a simultaneous roar of engines starting and despite dozens of aircraft taxiing for departure everyone got away efficiently. Climbing out over Lake Macquarie on a beautiful cloudless day with beaming sunlight glistening over the lake, it was truly gorgeous landscape for another great fly away.

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