COVID-19: SFC Response

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An important message to members regarding COVID-19 from Joseph Pilo, CEO
Updated at 13:00 on 23 March 2020

Dear Valued Member,

As the situation concerning COVID-19 continues to escalate around the world, SFC wish to provide an update to you in regard to our plans, and guidance for how you can help reduce the risk for fellow members, and SFC staff, when interacting with your club.


What we are doing

  • All Club operations are cancelled until further notice
    • All Club social events are cancelled
    • Private hire of aircraft is no longer available
  • The SFC clubhouse will no longer be open on weekends, and no flight training will take place on weekends, until further notice
  • The College will continue to operate during the week for flight training of both private and TAFE students, albeit with strict social distancing measures in place
    • Extreme hygiene measures both in and out of the cockpit environment will soon be implemented to ensure additional staff and student safety
    • The number of people on site at any one time will be monitored and limited
    • Extended operational hours to cater for these measures may take place as required
  • Staff who are able to work from home will be doing so, effective immediately
  • Hand washing posters have been put-up, and hand sanitisers are available throughout the clubhouse
  • Deep cleaning and sanitising of commonly-touched surfaces, both inside the clubhouse and on the fleet, is occurring regularly
  • Mandatory reporting of symptoms associated with COVID-19, or a suspected or confirmed diagnosis, is in place for all members, students and staff
  • All TAFE NSW theory will be transitioned online effective immediately
  • In the event of contamination, SFC will close for the required period and those effected will be quarantined for 14 days as per WHO measures


What we need you to do

  • If you are undergoing flight training during the week, continue to fly to support your college after considering your own risk and personal circumstances
  • Immediately report to us if you contract the virus, suspect you have contracted the virus, come into contact with someone who has the virus, or develop symptoms of the virus
  • Increase your social distancing when visiting us
    • Attend the clubhouse only when required for your flight/theory lesson
    • Flight plan at home
    • Avoid group environments where possible
  • Maximise ventilation in any rooms within which you are working
  • Where possible do not share physical objects such as pens/keyboards etc.  If unavoidable, then sanitise your hands immediately afterwards
  • Wash your hands regularly, and use the hand sanitiser which is available in the clubhouse
  • Use antibacterial wipes on yokes and throttle quadrants, aircraft door handles etc both before and after your flight
  • If you plan to spend time with someone in a high-risk category (e.g. pre-existing illness, aged 70+ or pregnant) re-consider your need to attend the college
  • If you are an emergency services or care worker, re-consider your need to attend the college


These are uncertain times for the aviation industry around the world, and we hope that by working together we can mitigate the most serious consequences of this situation.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe,


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