Flight Instructor Rating – First 2020 Course Date Announced

Flight Instructor Rating
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Sydney Flight College is pleased to confirm our first Flight Instructor Rating course for 2020, now scheduled to start on Monday 2nd March*.

The Flight Instructor Rating is a professional flying qualification required for entry into the flight instruction industry. After initial endorsement you can progress from Grade III instructor to Grades II and I, and then even Chief Flying Instructor. Flight instruction facilitates a way to gain rapid aeronautical experience for progression to an airline.

Why SFC?

  • SFC is undergoing rapid growth, and we preferentially employ Grade III instructors who have graduated from our own FIR course. This course has been likened to an extended interview for your first instructor role at our college, and if you shine amongst your peers you stand a good chance of being invited to apply.


The SFC FIR course includes:

  • Aeroplane 38.5 hours, made-up of 37.0 hrs PA28 dual and 1.5 hours PA28 ICUS (flight test);
  • Flight briefings ground theory 150.0 hours;
  • Principles and methods of instruction ground theory 20.0 hours.



  • $23,900 when paid in instalments, or $23,400 when paid in full in advance. Price includes GST.



  • Course conducted at Sydney Flight College, Bankstown Airport, NSW, Australia, RTO ID 90866. Includes classroom and aeroplane based face-to-face training and a spinning flight activity endorsement.


For more information and to express your interest visit the SFC self-paced courses page, scroll down to Flight Instructor Rating and click ‘Enquire Now’


*Tentative start date, subject to a minimum number of enrolments

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