Rusty Pilot Program

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Are you a rusty pilot or out of recency?

With SFC's new program we'll get you back in command, with confidence

One of the consequences of COVID-19 has been that many pilots have fallen out of recency, or simply become rusty if they haven’t flown for a period of time.

SFC is pleased to offer a free consulting service with the aim of  helping rusty pilots back into the cockpit, allowing them to enjoy the magic of general aviation in Australia, or help them get back into rewarding flying careers.

To take advantage of this new service SFC members (or potential members) should reach out to Tim our club captain and he will help organise the most efficient, and cheapest, way for you to get back into the cockpit. SFC delivers the highest quality flight training, and will endeavour to keep your costs down by utilising the RedBird flight simulator and/or organise group training where appropriate. You can be guaranteed specialist instructor attention whatever the requirement.

Whether you need:

  • A safety pilot for a weekend away or a family/friend event
  • VFR recency
  • IFR recency
  • An airline to MEA IPC program (i.e. to assist in you moving from an airline job into GA)
  • IFR/PIFR SEA or MEA (refresher and requalification)
  • A renewal of your instructor rating
  • Or a course tailored to bring you back to recency from a period of absence (from a few months to a few decades)

If this applies to you or you know a pilot that would benefit from a rusty/recency tailored program please reach out and we can have a chat to work out the best course possible, with the most suitable instructor, to get you back behind the controls.


Club Captain Tim

[email protected]


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