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With this new initiative from the SFC Club Captain, the world (or at least Australia) is your oyster

As one of the leading flying clubs in Australia, SFC aims to help promote aviation and to provide the best possible opportunities for pilots and aviation fans to experience general aviation across this magnificent country. A key benefit for club members is a new service called Where do you want to go?

This service is designed to allow pilots to contact SFC via the club captain and get assistance with your aviation dreams and objectives. For example, if you want to fly to Byron/Ballina for the first time VFR with your friends and family you can contact the club captain and he will work with you to assist with, for example:

• Route Planning
• Fuel Planning
• Weight & balance
• Route specific training, e.g. Williamtown VFR “worm” or operating with Ballina “Radio” and RPT flights
• Weather planning up to the time of flight
• TEM planning for the trip

The club can also provide a safety pilot or an instructor for your flight if you want the extra confidence when flying with special cargo such as your family.

COVID-19 has clipped many pilot’s wings but hopefully we are on the road to recovery and the States are starting to open up again. The Club is here to help make these private aviation trips happen and can be great alternative given they are very COVID safe (your own plane versus crowded airliner/airports), your own flexibility (not limited to patchy airline schedules/availability) and can be cost effective versus some of the airline options at present.

Trips are limited only by your imagination, but some examples of trips that could require some assistance, or require a safety pilot/cost share and would be a great get-away post lockdown include…

Moruya: Lunch & swim

One of the most iconic airports in NSW situated on the south coast with a short walk to the beach and a quick trip into town for a great lunch. Guidance available on flight planning through Nowra airspace, fuelling and weather considerations. Add a Harbour scenic or Victor 1 for an unforgettable day.

Uluru: One of the world’s most iconic destinations

A bucket list item for many the world over. Uluru is ideally suited to your own general aviation journey.

Whilst a daunting trip for many, the trip can be easily broken down into steps over a week return that can take in Broken Hill, Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges, Adelaide, Coober Pedy, South Australia and the Northern territory.

Significantly more flexibility and cost effectiveness than many airline options plus you are your own scenic flight operator!

Barossa Valley: Weekend away visiting world-famous wineries

What about a romantic weekend away in the Barossa Valley or even a trip that visits a number of wineries across the region?

A trip can be planned for a range of budgets to make the most of your time in the world ranking wineries either flying yourself or with an instructor/safety pilot.

Your ultimate golf trip

Regional and country Australia has some world ranking golf courses.

What better way to brush away the COVID cobwebs than to plan a trip encompassing a few legendary regional courses with friends?

Lord Howe Island: Voted World's top destination

Following the recent Hemsworth’s ambassador visit to Lord Howe Island off the coast of NSW, the island has become “the” place to visit globally!

Given the water crossing most will be grabbing twin engine options. Could this be the destination to encourage you to finally get that twin rating?

Is cost-share flying your objective?

The club is also promoting cost-share opportunities for pilots and aviation fans. If you have the need to fly somewhere in NSW or to a more regional part of Australia contact the club captain about cost share flying opportunities, which should be more fun, efficient and cost effective than other alternatives.

For example, you have a business meeting in Wagga Wagga and you are a pilot. You could work with the club captain to have another pilot fly with you to Wagga Wagga and they can then do the return trip in a few days or a week. The flexibility allows trips to be planned around your schedule not the limited airline offerings at present. The costs are then split between the pilots.

Another example is if you are a non-pilot but have a need to visit a few country areas (e.g. Mudgee and Walgett). Contact the club captain and they can help find a pilot that could undertake the trip and cost-share the flying.

The Club will look to assist in all these types of cost share requests to find suitable pilots for your mission whatever the requirements, from trips like above through to finding other pilots to join a big air safaris or for hour building.

I look forward to working with you.


Tim Lindley

SFC Club Captain


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