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At SFC we understand that self-study is not for everyone. That’s why we run regular face to face theory classes from our state of the art headquarters at Bankstown Aerodrome. Whether you are just starting out with RPL theory, or at the most advanced end seeking ATPL theory, SFC has a course to suit. There’s 3 easy steps to getting on an SFC ground theory course:

  1. Choose your course and ensure the planned delivery dates are suitable
  2. Buy the course voucher at the links provided (vouchers are course, not date, specific)
  3. Let us know your preferred course start date, receive confirmation from SFC, and turn-up!
We’re so confident in our course quality that if you do not pass the relevant CASA examination after attending one of our RPL, PPL, CPL or IREX ground theory courses, you can attend another one (of the same course) absolutely free of charge. In addition, all SFC members receive a 15% discount on the quoted RPL, PPL, CPL and IREX course prices. Contact the front desk for your voucher code before purchase to redeem. 

All courses run from 08:00 to 16:00 on the scheduled days.
Note: Our ATPL courses have a slightly different booking and guarantee system as they are provided through a 3rd party, and members receive a 5% discount. Click on the ATPL section for more details.

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Theory Courses

Starting out with aviation theory can be daunting, and this RPL theory course will prepare you for your first CASA exam in a supportive environment. Patient ground theory instructors will maximise your chance of success.

Price: $995

Buy your RPL ground theory course voucher


  • Mondays to Fridays only
  • May 2022 –  Tuesday 3rd May to Friday 6th May & Monday 9th May to Friday 13th May & Monday 16th May.
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Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Theory Courses

The CASA PPL examination is a challenging one, as it requires a broad understanding of all subjects in the syllabus. This course is designed to get you to the right level of depth across all relevant topic areas.

Price: $1,295

Buy your PPL ground theory course voucher


  • Mondays to Fridays only 
  • March 2022 – Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April & Monday 4th April to Friday 8th April
  • June 2022Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July & Monday 4th July to Friday 8th July & Monday 11th July to Tuesday 12th July.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Theory Courses

At the CPL level, CASA break down the examinations to an individual subject level, to ensure a deep understanding of all topic areas. As such, SFC teach these subjects individually to best prepare you for each exam.

Price: All individual subjects except CFPA cost $990. CFPA costs $1490. All seven subjects are available for the discounted price of $5,950 (a discount of $1,480 off the full price of $7,430, which equates to a 20% discount on the individual 7-subject price).

All seven CPL subjects dates as per the below Buy voucher 

Mondays to Fridays Only 

CMET (Meteorology) Buy voucher

  • April 2022Tuesday 26th April to Friday 29th April & Monday 2nd May.
  • August 2022 – Monday 22nd August to Friday 26th August & Monday 29th August.

CNAV (Navigation) Buy voucher

  • September 2022 – Monday 5th September to Friday 9th September & Monday 12th September to Tuesday 13th September.
  • December 2022 – Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December & Monday 12th December.

CLWA (Flight rules and Air law) Buy voucher

  • April 2022 – Friday 22nd April & Tuesday 26th April to Friday 29th April & Monday 2nd May.
  • May 2022 – Monday 16th May to Friday 20th May & Monday 23rd May
  • May 2022 – Tuesday 24th May to Friday 27th May & Monday 20th May to Tuesday 31st May.
  • September 2022 – Wednesday 14th May to Friday 16th May & Monday 19th May to Wednesday 21st May.

CADA (Aerodynamics) Buy voucher

  • July 2022 – Monday 25th July to Friday 29th July
  • November 2022 – Monday 14th November to Friday 18th November & Monday 21st November.

CFPA (Operation, performance and flight planning) Buy voucher

  • November 2022 – Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November & Monday 14th November to Friday 18th November & Monday 21st November.

CSYA (Aircraft general knowledge) Buy voucher

  • October 2022 – Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October & Monday 31st October.

CHUF (Human factors) Buy voucher

  • March 2022 – Monday 14th March to Friday 18th March.
  • April 2022 – Monday 11th April to Thursday 14th April & Tuesday 19th April
  • October 2022 – Monday 10th October to Friday 14th October  & Monday 17th October 2022.

Instrument Rating (IREX) Theory Courses

The CASA IREX examination is regarded as one of the most challenging ground theory courses you will sit. It requires an in-depth understanding of all topic areas in the syllabus. Allow our experienced IFR instructors to prepare you for this complex examination.

Price: $1,699

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  • Mondays to Fridays during September 2021, dates TBC

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Theory Courses

Over the past three years, we have delivered our successful ATPL ground theory courses in a unique collaboration between Rob Avery and Sydney Flight College. Thanks to enormously positive feedback, sold out classes and the ever increasing demand, we are pleased to announce that SFC will be running these courses again in 2022.

Rob Avery is the most prolific author and publisher of pilot theory manuals, courses and practice exams in the Australasian region. His products dominate the pilot training industry and there are dozens of products in the current range from full courses, study reference books, to practice exams. Rob has 25 years of experience delivering ATPL ground theory courses, and his pass rates are among the highest in the industry.

Expressions of interest are now open for our 2022 courses, and places are capped per course. Rob and his team are planning to deliver ground classes for the four most challenging ATPL subjects (Aerodynamics & Systems, Flight Planning, Navigation and Performance & Loading) in our state-of-the-art Sydney Flight College headquarters at Bankstown Aerodrome. The dates are now confirmed as:


Navigation (ANAV)

  • September 2022 – Monday 12th September to Saturday 17th September (6 days straight)

Performance and aircraft loading (APLA)
  • September 2022 – Thursday 29th September to Monday 3rd October (5 days straight)

Aerodynamics and Aircraft systems (AASA)
  • October 2022 – Tuesday 11th October to Friday 14th October & Monday 17th October to Saturday 22nd October

Flight planning (AFPA): 
  • November 2022 – Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November & Monday 14th November to Sunday 20th November. 

To express your interest in this course, and be kept up to date with course information, please register here. We will contact you when enrolments open. 

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