SFC was born as Schofields Flying Club Ltd, and has grown to be the largest flying club in NSW. The club has had a proud history of flying operations over 50 years, with training as one of its core propositions.

Our students come from various walks of life and stages in their careers, and all share a common passion for aviation. A large number have moved on to professional aviation careers, others have chosen the challenge of aviation as a hobby. All carry with them an enthusiasm for professionalism coupled with fun, that so exemplifies the modern aviator. The club has also been a major promoter of aviation in Australia; it organised the first major air show in Sydney in 1976 at the Schofields naval airstrip, followed by more air shows in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983 and 1985.

1988 was a key year for the Club when it was commissioned by the Australian Bicentennial Authority to organise and stage the outstandingly successful Australian Bicentennial Air Show at RAAF Richmond air base. The club builds on the values underlying this tradition of aviation professionalism and industry enthusiasm in preparing aviators for tomorrow. The club has operated at Sydney’s Bankstown airport throughout its life, in addition to early years of weekend operation at Schofields.

Sydney Flight College was introduced by the club in 2001 with a variety of academic accreditations. With continuing growth the club now distinguishes its training, charter and club activities as a family of SFC names. Sydney Flying Club and Sydney Flight Charter are newer faces to the business now continuing the proud heritage of Schofields Flying Club Limited.

The club maintains an unblemished safety record that is the envy of general aviation operators throughout Australia. Under the Schofields banner Sydney Flying Club, Sydney Flight College and Sydney Flight Charter are all managed by an industry leading safety management system that has the approval of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Our members still affectionately call our operations “Schoies” in reflection of the affection they feel for everything we have achieved together over the years.

You can discover more about our history by reading Celebrating 50 Years of Flying – The History of Schofields Flying Club 1969-2019

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