The club holds various events throughout the year, some with a social theme, some to develop flying skills and others of aviation general interest.  Our clubhouse is a good venue for social dinner occasions where we generally have guest speakers from across the aviation spectrum. We also hold ‘Wings nights’ for members who have attained licences or ratings, enabling a sharing of that sense of achievement with family and friends. We schedule seminars and information briefings for our members, and the occasional social drinks where members and guests can enjoy each other’s company and spin a flying tale or two!

2019 Events for Club Members

Additional events will be added through the year. Events may change, please call to confirm (02 9709 8488)

Call for Articles – Sydney Flyer 01/03/19 Friday
Deadline for Articles – Sydney Flyer 25/03/19 Monday
First Solo Awards 31/03/19 Sunday
Spot Landing Competition0.5 days28/04/19VDOSunday
Call for Articles – Sydney Flyer 01/04/19 Wednesday
Sydney Airport ATC Visit1 evening06/05/19 Monday
Night Circuits1 evening17/05/19VDOFriday
Deadline for Articles – Sydney Flyer 25/05/19 Saturday
Sydney Airport ATC Visit1 evening03/06/19 Monday
First Solo Awards1 evening16/06/19 Sunday
Club Dinner – Guest speaker 
Mudgee Fly-out1 day22/06/19VDOSaturday
Call for Articles – Sydney Flyer 01/07/19 Monday
50th Anniversary Dinner 04/07/19 Thursday
Breakfast with Victor – Scenic Fly-out 20/07/19VDOSaturday
Articles Deadline – Sydney Flyer 25/07/19 Thursday
Night Circuits1 evening02/08/19VDOFriday
Call for Articles – Sydney Flyer 01/09/19 Sunday
Birdsville Races Flyout4 days05/09/19 – 08/09/19VDOThursday – Sunday
Deadline for Articles – Sydney Flyer 24/09/19 Tuesday
First Solo Awards1 afternoon29/09/19 Sunday
Temora Aviation Museum Fly-out1 day12/10/19 Saturday
Spot Landing Competition0.5 day20/10/19VDOSunday
Call for Articles – Sydney Flyer 01/11/19 Friday
Tumut Valley Air Show 02/11/19VDOSaturday
Wings Night 21/11/19 Thursday
SFC Open Day 20191 day16/11/19 Saturday
Articles Deadline – Sydney Flyer 24/11/19 Sunday
First Solo Awards 15/12/19 Sunday
Christmas Party 07/12/19 Saturday

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